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Codarts Library: CLASSICAL MUSIC




In the CATALOGUE you can search for SHEET MUSIC, LITERATURE, JOURNALS, DVDs and CDs that are available in the library of Codarts. Check the other tabs for ONLINE SOURCES like e-journals, e-books etc.

Need help on how to search the catalogue? Check this page.


The library has a great collection of sheet music; reaching from methods and works for the solo instruments taught at Codarts, up to chamber music for ensembles and orchestral editions. Our goal is to supply students and teachers with editions of sheet music in the highest possible quality, e.g. Urtext editions.

Furthermore we have added links to some websites where you can find free scores. We must warn you for copyright issues, especially with IMSLP (Petrucci Library). Because IMSLP is based in Canada, please beware that Europe has different laws concerning public domain.

Muziekschatten contains a large collection of digitalized sheet music from the collection of Stichting Omroep Muziek. The catalogue is freely accessible but to be able to download the sheet music you have to be a member for €20,- a year.

The library has an extensive collection PRINTED BOOKS on music and related subjects: music history, biographies, music psychology, art philosophy, etc. All these titles may be borrowed.


      The New Music TheaterSeeing the Voice, Hearing the Body


Besides the printed books in our collection, there is also a substantial collection of full text E-BOOKS available within Music in Oxford Scholarship Online. Or start reading in the Oxford History of Western Music online:


Check THIS LIST and the WEBSITES BELOW for journals the library subscribed to. Some journals we only have in print or online, others in print and online.


The Strad - Print    Computer Music - Digital   Luister - Print

JSTOR Arts & Sciences III

As a student or employee of Codarts, you have access to the online JSTOR archive Arts & Sciences III which includes over 150 e-journals on dance, music, performing arts, art, architecture, film studies, languages, literature, folklore and religion.

Start your search on the homepage and discover what JSTOR has to offer you:


Most e-journals the library subscribed to, are part of a portal containing a large amount of journals. Be aware you don't have access to all these titles, but just the ones we have a paid subscription for.

Click HERE for an overview of all e-journals the library subscribed to. Or take a look at the following selection:



There are many music DVDs containing performances, documentaries, masterclasses and interviews in the library for you to borrow. DVDs may be borrowed for a week.

Or watch ONLINE: the databases CLASSICAL MUSIC IN VIDEO and OPERA IN VIDEO have hundreds of hours of productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Mozart Da Ponte 4dvdset   Koyaanisqatsi & Powaqqatsi   


In the CD-collection you'll find a lot of music genres: classical, jazz, pop & world music, music theatre etc. Check the CATALOGUE for CDs and our ONLINE DATABASES page for streaming audio.

   Peter-Jan Wagemans: Panthalassa; Requiem; Alla marcia

Theses from the Classical Music department are available in print or digital.
The printed theses are located in the back of the upper floor of the library. Digital theses can be found in the catalogue.
By clicking the link in the description of a theses, a PDF file will be opened.


If you can't find the information you need in the library of Codarts ór in the digital databases we subscribed to, you can extend your search to other libraries with classical music collections, institutes & websites:

Muziekweb (Public Library Rotterdam)
Muziekweb is the largest audio collection in the Netherlands. In addition to the collection, the website offers reviews of new CDs and information about different music styles. Only within the walls of Codarts you can listen to the entire online collection for free; outside Codarts to 30 second fragments. If you want to borrow CDs on site, you can click here for information about becoming a member to and discount at the Public Library.

NMA Online
The Neue Mozart Ausgabe (NMA) Online contains online scores, including the critical editions, of Mozarts complete works (ed. Bärenreiter).

A wealth of information about all musical styles, composers, artists, songs, musical terms and concepts, etc.

The Dutch Music Encyclopedia
The Dutch Music Encyclopedia by "Beeld en Geluid" (Vision and Sound) is the largest online encyclopedia on Dutch music. You will find biographies, discographies, photographs, contact-information and audio/video of 5000 Dutch musicians, bands, composers, ensembles, orchestras, stages and festivals from Dutch popular-, jazz-, world-, classical and contemporary music.

Nederlands Muziek Instituut (NMI)
Music library, documentation centre and archive for Dutch classical music.

Koninklijke Vereniging Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis

The Koninklijke Vereniging Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis (The Royal Society for Music History of The Netherlands), the oldest musicological society in the world, exists 150 years. Film maker Jochem van der Heide was asked to make a short documentary which gives an impression of the work of the society on Dutch classical music. The documentary, with English subtitles can be seen here.

Check this page for possibilities to borrow from other libraries.


Various citation styles exist, and many fields of study have a specific preference. The two styles used at Codarts are APA style and Chicago style. Check with your study program or your teacher/research coach which style you should use for crediting the sources used in your paper or thesis.

Consult the BOOKS we have in the library or ONLINE SOURCES like:

In Word, you can easily add citations when writing a document where you need to cite your sources, such as a research paper. Citations can be added in various formats, including APA and Chicago style (see above). Afterwards, you can create a bibliography of the sources you used to write your paper.

Most of the databases and e-journals the library subscribed to, offer a tool to generate and export citations.


nkoda logo is the largest online video collection on classical music, opera and dance.
Have a look at over 1800 films including concerts, documentaries and master classes. also streams over 100 live events every year from the world's most prestigious venues.




Muziekweb is the music library of the Netherlands. This online database includes around 7 million tracks of streaming audio (classical, pop, jazz, world, etc.). Please note that you can only listen to this collection within the buildings of Codarts.


Classical Music students, click HERE to go to the Rough Guides. These are available at Codarts intranet.


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